We design and build award-winning commercial interiors. With six offices across Asia, DB&B?supports businesses to renovate, expand and relocate work spaces?seamlessly.

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Office & Commercial Interior Design

We design and build award-winning commercial interiors. With six offices across Singapore and Asia, DB&B supports businesses in renovating, expanding, and relocating work spaces seamlessly. Since 1996, DB&B has offered tailored, sophisticated and well-executed interior design solutions to corporate clients in Singapore and across the world. With our client’s satisfaction as the ultimate goal, we are constantly paving new roads to achieve higher standards in the industry.

Supported by diverse experiences and backgrounds, our firm’s Singapore team comprises of subject matter experts from key departments, including Client Services, Project Management, Creatives, and Construction, forming a unique structure to facilitate seamless delivery of our interior design services.

We offer flexibly-packaged and delivered services via different approaches to cater to our client companies’ varied needs, including design consultancy, design & build, or build services. All performed while retaining our hallmark of precision and quality craftsmanship, we also honour the need for delivering functionality and brand distinctiveness.

Celebrated and highly valued by client companies, our DB&B design-build model has produced resounding results time and again. Amongst them are countless fast-tracked commercial projects with multiple cost-efficiencies, minimising the need for change orders and significantly reducing multi-party inefficiencies. With holistic design and project management packages, we are committed to ensuring project requirements are met on time and on target.

As a leading interior design firm with a global presence, passion is at the heart of our every project, undertaken hand-in-hand with corporate clients to revolutionise the way people work, interact, and do business. Discover how we can aid you in your journey to reimagine your office or commercial space here.